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HEIWASCH - Bed shower with system

The shower that comes to the bed.

Discover the HEIWASCH bed shower system.

When a person is deprived of complete freedom of movement due to illness-related circumstances, a well-tempered shower can work wonders. Because only a fresh shower provides a feeling of cleanliness that cannot be nearly achieved by cleaning with a damp flannel.

Heiwasch Bettdusche

How it works - 5 steps for comprehensive patient care in bed

Bettdusche Schritt 1

Fill the heated shower trolley with fresh water and connect it to the system

Bettdusche Schritt 2

Attach the waterproof mattress tray to the bed frame with Velcro straps.

Bettdusche Schritt 3

The waste water hose is connected to the mobile waste water trolley.

Bettdusche Schritt 4

The comfortable shower with well-tempered water can begin.

Bettdusche Schritt 5

After showering, remove and empty the waste water trolley.

The 3-piece HEIWASCH bed shower system

Our mobile HEIWASCH bed shower system consists of three well-matched components.

Abbildung Duschwagen
The HEIWASCH bed shower

Our bed shower consists of a stainless steel shower trolley. Fresh water is transported in its water tank and tempered with the integrated heater.

Abbildung Bettwanne
The HEIWASCH bed tray

Our bed tray made of high-quality and waterproof material enables showering in bed. It can be manufactured for almost any bed size.

Abbildung Abwasserwagen
The HEIWASCH waste water trolley

Our waste water trolley enables the comfortable and safe disposal of used shower water. It has a low dead weight and practical castors.

A brief introduction to the HEIWASCH bed shower

In the video we present the most important functions of the HEIWASCH bed shower.

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