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The HEIWASCH bed shower

Mobile bed shower as a complete system

Due to its well thought-out functionality, the HEIWASCH bed shower system can be used independently of fresh water supply and waste water disposal. For its users, this guarantees optimum availability and optimum hygiene everywhere.

Heiwasch Bettdusche
Frau im Bett

Nothing beats the feeling of being freshly showered. Especially in case of illness.

A bed shower that brings its water with it. And also takes it away again.

Our mobile HEIWASCH bed shower system consists of three well-matched components. Together, they enable people in need of care to shower comfortably in bed.

The mobile bed shower is made of high-quality stainless steel. The integrated water tank is equipped with a heater and can be moved comfortably on its castors. The shower trolley with fresh water has a capacity of approx. 20 litres. The bed tub for the patient is made of a flexible, water-impermeable material and has a standard size of 90 x 200 cm. Other dimensions are possible if required. Finally, a waste water trolley on wheels with stainless steel handle allows easy removal to empty the used water.

Uncomplicated, hygienic and can be used everywhere.

  • No fresh and waste water points required in the sickroom.

  • Fresh, running and well-tempered water ensures optimal hygiene.

  • The integrated heater ensures a consistently pleasant water temperature.

  • Tedious transfer of the patient to the bed for personal hygiene is no longer necessary.

  • Cost absorption if indicated by the nursing care insurance fund (registration in the nursing care aids register, no.

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