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The HEIWASCH hair wash tub

More comfort for hair and head washing

We are the only manufacturer to offer an anatomically shaped hair wash tub for comfortable hair washing in bed. It integrates perfectly into the complete HEIWASCH bed shower system.

HEIWASCH Haarwaschwanne
Haarwaschwanne in der Bettdusche
Die Haarwaschwanne im Einsatz
Comfortable and anatomically shaped: the HEIWASCH hair wash tub

Our practical HEIWASCH head and hair wash tub

Washing your head or hair in bed can become a real challenge for the person performing the task. Our anatomically shaped hair washing tub provides more comfort. Not least for the patient, because overstretching of the head and neck no longer occurs.

The hair wash tub is part of our HEIWASCH bed shower system and integrates perfectly into the system. It is connected to the associated waste water trolley for use and thus ensures safe water disposal. And the head and hair washing can begin with our bed shower.

Wash the hair safely and comfortably

  • Anatomical hair wash tub

  • No overstretching of head and neck

  • Perfect integration into the HEIWASCH bed shower system

  • The hair wash tub is also available on prescription from the health insurance fund (aid number

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