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Inflatable bathtub?

Very similar, only much better!

During the development of the HEIWASCH bed shower system, we also dealt extensively with the topic of the inflatable bathtub. However, we finally decided on a flexible bed bath.

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Our flexible shower tray can be custom-made for any bed size.

Not a bathtub. A flexible shower tray that is also easy to clean.

The inflatable bathtub. We looked into it intensively when we developed the HEIWASCH bed shower. In the end, however, we decided on a flexible bed bath. This is easy to clean, it can be washed in the washing machine up to 95 °C without any problems. An important hygiene factor.

Our shower tray is part of the HEIWASCH bed shower system. We are talking about a bed shower, bathing is not intended. After all, bathing in bed requires a care bed with a load-bearing capacity of at least 350 kilograms. This is due to the fact that a bath requires plenty of water with a height of at least 20 cm on the bed surface of approx. 90 x 200 cm next to the person to be bathed. Standard care beds are not designed for this load. So there is a lot to be said for our bed shower.

There is a lot to be said for our shower tray.

  • Flexibly adaptable

  • Can be manufactured in almost any size

  • Good to clean

  • Washable up to 95 °C

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