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Body care in bed

Important for body and soul

Body care is much more than mere personal hygiene, i.e. washing with a flannel, for example. Our body needs the feeling of fresh water. Running water has been proven to increase the feeling of being alive. And even the refreshing shower with cooler water in the heat of summer can hardly be replaced by anything comparable.

Our mobile bed shower is the solution for every bedridden patient. It enables showering and washing in bed for pleasant and soothing body hygiene. But it can also simply run water over a person’s body (basal stimulation) and flatter the soul in the process. And with this method it is also possible to take a cool shower, for example for sweaty people or simply to cool down in the warm season.

Try it out and experience the difference.

Waschen im Bett
Frau im Bett

Nothing beats the feeling of being freshly showered. Especially in case of illness.

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