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Washing hair in bed

Pleasant hair and head wash

Besides general body hygiene, washing hair in bed is a challenge all its own. Washing the head or hair of a bedridden person requires a lot of tact and often also a considerable amount of strength. In the process, the patient’s head or neck should not be overstretched so that it ultimately becomes a pleasant washing process for him or her.

This is where our hair wash tub comes in handy, as it integrates perfectly into the HEIWASCH bed shower system. The anatomically shaped HEIWASCH hair wash tub is an accessory for the bed shower, but it is also available separately. The drain for dirty water is located on it and leads into our waste water trolley or a simple water bucket.

Inform yourself: a comparable anatomically shaped hair wash tub is only available from HEIWASCH in the vicinity of our bed shower.

Haare waschen im Bett
Frau im Bett

Nothing beats the feeling of being freshly showered. Especially in case of illness.

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